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Pink rice Gromit-style!

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300g Arborio rice
2 Shallots
400g Cooked & peeled beetroot (vacuum packed)
900g Vegetable stock
50g Wensleydale cheese, grated
2 tbsp Low fat creme fraiche (optional)
A couple of handfuls for garnish Rocket
2 tbsp Olive oil

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Pink rice Gromit-style!

    • 40 minutes
    • Serves 4
    • Easy


    It’s all about the marketing. My kids actually really like beetroot. I guess it’s got quite a sweet taste to it which is why it’s a hit. You just have to bear in mind that when eating it though, they might resemble something from a horror movie! And incase you haven’t fed your kids it before, it can dye the colour of their pee! I think I panicked the first time I saw a beetroot nappy!

    But don’t let that stop you from trying this tasty vegetarian risotto recipe. I use Wensleydale cheese as I find it a mild, creamy cheese that is delicious with beetroot which kids are likely to enjoy but this would also be tasty with a feta or goats cheese garnish (athough these might be less popular with kids).

    The quatities, as usual should feed a family of 4. But if you have leftovers, it can easily be turned in to Arancini (see The 5pm Cook recipe for this!).

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    Start by cutting 150g of the beetroot into wedges. Drizzle with oil and put in the oven for about 20 minutes. Place the rest of the beetroot in a mini-chopper or blender with 50ml water and blend until well-chopped.


    Finely chop the shallots. Prepare the vegetable stock by placing a stock cube or stock granules in a large pyrex jug and dissolving in 900ml of boiling water.


    In a large pan, soften the shallots in 1 tbsp of oil. Once they start to look translucent, add the arborio rice and mix to coat the grains with the oil. Add 200ml of the stock and stir well. Continue to stir, adding 200ml more of the stock when the previous volume of stock looks to be almost absorbed. Continue to do this until the rice is almost cooked. When adding the final volume of stock, also add the blended beetroot and stir well, allowing the risotto to go a glorious pink colour.


    Once the rice is cooked (to al dente) serve topped with grated wensleydale cheese, creme fraiche and rocket leaves (any of these garnishes may be omitted for children!).

    Alison Lyles

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